Best Backpack Diaper Bag 2017-2018 Guide & Reviews

Carrying your kid(s) around each day is a tedious task on its own. The thought of taking along with you an extra bag becomes even more wearisome. This can even lead you to forgetting some very necessary items you may need, to cater for your child or children as the case maybe. This is where the best backpack diaper bag comes in.


When you are going out with your kid, a lot is usually involved; from diapers to wipes, spare clothes, desserts, drinks, cutleries… and the list goes on. Not to talk of your own personal belongings like phones and keys etc. The only way to ensure you take everything you need in a nice organised and compact way is by using the best baby back pack diaper bag.


A backpack diaper bag will provide you with the opportunity to organize yourself and make sure you have all you need for your baby/babies day care.

One advantage that the best backpack diaper bag offers is that you can conveniently hang it on your back. This allows you free movement of your hands to perform other task and carry other items.

Today, there are hundreds of baby diaper backpack bags in the market from more than twenty brands. However, for the sake of this best backpack for diaper bag reviews, I shall categorize them into the following:

l Best backpack for Dads

l Best Backpack for Moms

l Best Backpack for Twins/Travel

l Best Backpack with cooler

Things to Consider When Buying a Backpack For Diaper









SPACE – Though referred to as backpack for diaper, this bag serves multiple functions and can contain a lot more than just diapers. Parents often stuck them with virtually every item needed to tender for their kid(s).


This include but not limited to, water bottle, feeding bottle, diapers, towels, extra changing clothes, baby lotion and so on.


Therefore, when deciding on buying a diaper backpack, you may want to ask yourself what exactly you want to have in your backpack and also, whether it is meant for one child or more.


SIZE – The physical size of a backpack for diaper may not necessarily reflect the capacity in terms of the space in the bag. While most people prefer smaller size bags, others may consider going for a bigger one.


So, if you are expecting a twin or triplet or even more as it were, then you certainly need a bigger backpack diaper bag. This would afford you a lot more room to arrange all the items you need to take care of your baby/babies.


COLOUR – This is one very important aspect you really have to consider especially if both dad and mom would be using the same backpack.


Ladies generally love very bright and attractive colours, like pink, orange, purple, flowering colours, and their likes, while men prefer more calm colours like black, gray, brown, sky blue and so on.


You may also want to choose a colour that would complement your dress code or style, taking into account the nature of your work.


DESIGN – Here is another factor you would want to actually reflect on when shopping for a backpack for diaper. Some designs are basically made for females while some come in very rugged looks, suggesting that they are made for dads.


Depending on your person and how gender sensitive you are, picking the right backpack design that fits your personality is quite an important factor to consider.


MATERIAL – Different products comes with different material and textures, ranging from nylon to cotton, polyester and leather.


In most cases, the material used in producing these diaper backpack bags contributes greatly to how durable the bag would be.


Factors like how resistant the material is to extreme weather conditions like rain (water) or sun, whether it catches dirt easily and difficult to wash stains out are some factors you want take into account.


Health wise, it is appropriate you make sure that the materials used in making the bag does not contain chemicals that are harmful to the child’s health.


WEIGHT – It is a tedious enough job to carry your child/children around especially when travelling with other luggages. So carrying another heavy bag is something you wouldn’t want to dare.


The stress of carrying on your back a diaper backpack should not be among your stressors for the day. It is advisable to purchase a lightweight backpack for diaper when shopping.


Remember, if the bag is heavy when already empty, what then will be the weight when stuck with stuffs?


PRICE – This aspect rounds up things you should look out for while buying a backpack for diaper, and incidentally a very essential factor. Not everybody can afford the luxury of expensive products, in fact, most can’t.


You might want to stick to a budget that would work for you and not spend all your money for a backpack, leaving yourself broke and not having enough to purchase other items needed for the bag. You can still get an affordable bag with great features.


I have narrowed down the best backpack diaper bags to help you choose which one suits you most.



There are several types/brands of diaper backpack you can choose from however, I will be listing in no particular order a few top brands, base on other peoples reviews and comments.

l Dad Gear Backpack

l Jansport Odyssey Backpack

l Ju Ju Be Be Right Backpack

l Skip Hop Duo Essential Backpack

l YuHan Baby Diaper Travel Backpack

l Leke Diaper backpack

l Yodo Baby diaper backpack

l Obersee Bern Diaper Bag Backpack

l Becko 3-In-1 Multi-functionalDiaper

l Big Smart Organizer Waterproof Travel Backpack

l Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Backpack

l Knuddelstuff ‘Buckingham’ Diaper Backpack

l RLB X-Large Multi-Purpose Travel Diaper Backpack



Bearing in mind the nature of men, which include masculinity, pride, strength, authority and what have you. I have selected from the list above my top three.


Becko 3-In-1 Multi-functional Diaper Bag

A multi-functional diaper backpack made of lightweight oxford material with stylish design. This best diaper backpack for dad features every component you look for in a backpack to cater for the daily need of your baby.

If space is your main concern, this bag provides just about enough space to carry all your baby’s belongs and even yours. It has plenty space for storage and a number of pockets to store you feeding bottles, snacks, lunch box, diapers and extra clothes.

You can keep your bottles heated or cooled for your baby due to the insulated outer pocket provided. It also has an exterior pocket to hold your baby wipes.

The Becko 3 – in – 0ne comes with mesh pockets making it very easy to view the contents in the other individual pockets, in order to know exactly where each item is situated, so you don’t have to scatter your bag while trying to reach or locate an item.

The backpack also has a padded change pad to make changing very convenient and fun. Keeping your baby’s feeding bottle warm and changing clothes dry. This is made possible because of the brilliant inclusion of an insulated water-proof material.

And if you wish to go a little formal, you can do that by converting the bag to a handbag or shoulder bag.


Obersee Bern Diaper Bag Backpack

If you are looking for a cheap,durable backpack for diaper with a very high reputation, then the Obersee Bern Diaper Backpack is your best choice. With it price of about $73, this makes the bag customer friendly.


Having been rated best diaper backpack in 8 successive reviews with a 5 star, its status as one of the best is evident in its well-crafted and durable material, made of polyester fabrics.

It is ergonomically padded for back comfort. One other feature of this bag is that it has enough space to accommodate a small laptop and tablet. It has plenty of space to keep diapers, other baby items, mom wears and other stuffs.


Manly Backpack Diaper Bag – Dad gear

Mean Features:

l Baby wipe window

l Diaper hammock

l Stroller straps

l Two bottle pockets

l Over 13 accessible compartment


When looking for a complete diaper backpack as a dad, your number one stop has to be Dad Gear Manly backpack. This bag is not just perfect for dad but it is created by a company with the reputation for making exclusively baby gear for dads.


The bag is fitted with a baby wipe window, making it actually easy for you to locate your baby wipes suited at the front base of the bag. Inside the bag is a diaper hammock, used to keep the baby diaper neatly.


And in case you wish to take a walk in the park with your stroller, the Dad Gear backpack has got your back as it comes with stroller straps so you don’t have to hang the bag on your back.


Your feeder and water bottles have a compartment for proper storage. Another interesting thing is that it features over 13 partitions that give you the freedom to organize your stuffs the best possible way ever. It gives you room to store other personal accessories making it my ideal backpack for dads.




Although some mothers are not very comfortable carrying bags on back, sometimes due to their work type, other times because of the personality and in some instants their dress code.


However, there are some pretty backpacks moms can still use and still maintain their identity as females. Here are my top three.


Yodo Baby Diaper Backpack Bag for Mom

Basic Features

l Made with BPA Free Polyester Woven Fabric

l Soft polyester lining

l Two way metal zips

l Extra large changing pad

l Two elastic pockets

l Soft padded back panel and back strap


Made from healthy material of BPA free polyester woven fabric, the Yodo baby diaper backpack bag for mom has a back panel well-padded for comfort while strapped to your back.


The fabric made handle, affords you the convenience of carrying it on your hand. Created for multi-functions, this best diaper backpack for moms boasts of many pockets that allow your carry all you might, throughout the day.


It is a good choice if you are expecting a twin as this bag is created to accommodate a lot of items for both mother and kids. You have your lunch box, feeder bottle, water bottle, baby snacks, diapers and baby clothes.


Just below the bottom right hand side of the bag is a wipe window for baby wipes. It is easy to clean with warm or cold water and hardly retains dirt or stains.


The downside of this backpack is that you may have to change it every year.


Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Backpack for diaper

For those moms who always want to display their female nature and look chic, then you have it all in the Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Backpack. It has a stylish design for that unique look.


In fact, the bag is created in a way that it can be substituted for a female hand bag by removing the shoulder straps.

It comes with multiple compartments to give you the space to carry as much as possible. It will carry any stuff you need to tender to your child throughout the day. From baby clothes to feeders, and diapers and even mom’s belongings; they will fit in comfortably.


It has an expandable opening with adjustable straps. Accessing frequently used items is made even easier with the zipper compartment on the front. The two insulated bottle pockets make feeding your baby stress-free.


And if you ever wish for a backpack with stroller straps, wish no more because this bag comes with one. You couldn’t ask for more as a mom, giving that this backpack is designed with a metal feet so your bag doesn’t have to be on the ground – leaving it clean and neat always.


For moms who love their kids to always be dry, Skip Hop backpack includes a harmonized cushioned changing mat, so you can put your baby on the mat and change him wherever. This feature makes changing your baby’s diaper in public fun.

Made with faux leather material and finished with gold-toned ware, this best diaper backpack bag is ideally crafted for discerning moms who don’t want to lose their sense of fashion for any reason giving you that true feeling of an elegant beautiful mom.



Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back Backpack

Looking for fashion, class, quality, space and innovation? Then I present to you the Ju Ju Be Right Back backpack for diaper. This bag has really lived up to its name ‘Right Back’ as Ju Ju Be did not fail to deliver in its re-design.


It comes with an innovated metal hardware against plastic, a changing pad made of foam. You can be sure of your child’s health with the introduction of an outer fabric treated with Teflon to help repeal any substance and an inner lining treated to repel mold and mildew growth.


Surprisingly, it can open flat to allow you easy access to just about every compartment. It is convenient to carry because of the ergonomically curved shoulder straps.


The storage space provided in this bag is enough to meet your demand, as it comes with four main pockets and five zipper pockets. The changing pad has its own pocket section so you don’t have to search through your items to locate it when in a rush.


And not forgetting the mom, the Ju Ju Be Right Back Backpack contains an extra pocket for moms to place their purse and other little items.




RLB X-Large Multi-Purpose Travel Backpack for diaper

If you are traveling with your twins or taking them on a day out, either to the park or your work, you certainly don’t want run out of anything needed to cater for your kids – not on a very busy day in the office or even in the park for a picnic.


With large and robust interior space comprising of seven outer pockets and two interior insulated pockets for bottles. It has two deep pockets for large accessories and very large cargo compartment. This best backpack for twins is designed with a waterproof change pad, and cannot run out of space for additional baby clothes, baby snacks, lunch box and other accessories.


It is lightweight; a durable polyester fabric bag with three different colours of black, blue and green. It is affordable and can last you and very long time.


Damero Travel Diaper Backpack Bag

Basic Features:

l Made with nylon.

l One easy access zipper tissue pocket

l One large mesh pocket

l Metal loops for stroller hook.

l One hidden zipper pocket in the front of the bag

l Adjustable cushioned shoulder straps

l Breathable air mesh panels on the backside



l Durable and waterproof

l Easy to clean

l Multiple comfortable carrying options

l Multi-functional backpack

l Perfect for twins Mom.

l Perfect for laptop backpack and travel backpack



l It is quite big

This backpack is one of my preferred bags for travel. A big backpack bag for diapers, the Damero provides you so much space to carry along every item for a day. It is beautifully designed to meet your fashion sense.

It is the perfect bag for twins and even more, comes with a compartment where you can comfortably insert your laptop, therefore, eliminating the need for a second bag to put your personal stuffs.

The backpack is made of durable waterproof nylon, padded with cushioned shoulder adjustable straps; it has air mesh panels located on the backside to balance the weight of this backpack, and its outer lining, making it easy to keep clean

With two sturdy compartments and multiple pockets for a variety of stuff, 3 bottle pockets and tissue pocket. There is also zippered mesh pocket where you can conveniently keep items like paper, pens and few other accessories.

It has a stroller hook, adjustable cushioned shoulder straps, mesh panels on the backside for comfortable carrying experience.

Baby Diaper Bag Smart Organizer Waterproof Travel Backpack

Manufactured with healthy polyester material, and comes in a black dotted or navy dotted design this backpack diaper back is your best choice for traveling and for your twins.

It has a roomy interior with plenty of sections for all your stuff ranging from notebooks, drinks, bottles, extra diapers, lunch box and even moms personal items.

It is designed to meet an all-round need of the parent. With waterproof pockets to hold damp or wet clothes and moisture-proof for babies’ pacifier.

The backpack comes with an insulated bottle pocket and contains 16 pockets in total and it allows you the luxury of carrying your laptop of about 15”.

An added advantage is that you conveniently convert this backpack to a shoulder bag or carrying tote.



The Obersee Brand certainly provides the best backpack diaper bag with cooler. You can try any of these products from their brand.

l Obersee Bern Diaper Bag Backpack, Black

l Obersee Rio Diaper Bag Backpack.


Having spent years going through the best backpack diaper bag reviews it is kind of difficult to say for certain which backpack is the best.


A lot of brands have improved in their products and provided competition for the market. Some have even gone the extra mile to create innovative and intelligent features for their products. The market is quite a battle field for backpack makers and they are leaving no stones unturned. From designs to space, to price, weight, cooling material, environmentally friendly materials and what have you. However, categorizing them has helped in a way to narrow the list. To this end, I have struggled to pick the following backpacks as best backpack diaper bag in their respective categories.


For best Backpack for dads, I have to stick with the Manly Backpack by Dad Gear. This is largely because of its amazing features like: baby-wipe window, Diaper hammock, stroller straps, two bottle pockets and Over 13 accessible compartment.


For best Backpack for Moms, it has to be the Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back Backpack, because it gives you that elegant and fashionable look every woman wants while catering for all your baby’s needs.


I will choose the Baby Diaper Bag Smart Organizer Waterproof Travel Backpack, for best backpack for Twins/Travel. It comes with everything you need for a journey and has ample space for your twin.

Lastly, the Obersee brand provides the best backpack with cooler. With this list of best backpack diaper bags, Whether you choose to go with the Obersee Bern Diaper Bag Backpack or Obersee Rio Diaper Bag Backpack the choice is all yours depending on your sense of fashion.



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